The Team

Lenni George

Lenni has more than 25 years experience in training, facilitation and organisational development, designing and delivering experiential adult learning. She is specialised in Capacity Development and Facilitation, helping managers and teams develop visions, innovations, soft skills, and making good decisions.

Nat Clegg

Nat is experienced in coaching psychology, team & business coaching, therapy and training with a long track record in providing coaching and counselling services for public and private clients.
He is specialised in designing training programmes that facilitate the transfer of learning through coaching support.

Kirsty Ramsbottom

Kirsty has more than 20 years of experience in designing and delivering experiential adult learning.
A skilled trainer and facilitator, she is specialised in writing trainers’ and participants’ guides, case studies as well as providing training of trainers for both career and aspiring trainers.

Agnese Pallaro

Agnese is specialised in communication, sustainability and Systemic Design approach applied to several topics, from local development to training. She focuses on developing communication skills and strategies for organisations and individuals to improve their capacities in effective communication.

Isabella Anne Courtney

Isabella leads on the wide range of individual and group coaching services provided by The Development Alchemists. She is experienced in remote and face to face coaching and mentoring.

George Smalling

George has core expertise in the field of learning and development, supplemented by his extensive experience and ‘know-how’ of managing and leading people. He is skilled in the design and delivery/facilitation of individual, team and group learning/ improvement interventions for use at various levels of an organisation.

Alexandra Wallace

Alexandra has a special interest in humanitarian assistance and youth engagement, and has over ten years of experience working with volunteer organisations on the issues of community development, agriculture, and at-risk youth. She carries a variety of activities such as project management, consultancy, and coaching for government agencies, international organisations and the private sector.

Michela Albertazzi

Michela is an experience trainer, facilitator and coach focusing on leadership programmes for women, fragile settings and online learning activities. She has a background in law and her studies, as well as her professional experience, are grounded in the international context as she has worked for different UN agencies and international organisations.

Agripa Mbulawa

Agripa is a seasoned hotelier with over 22 years’ experience in hotel management. He is also a certified trainer accredited by the International Training Centre of ILO.

Beatrice Mbulawa

Beatrice is a chartered accountant by profession experienced in financial management spanning over 26 years across diverse industries including media, banking and state-owned enterprises. She is also a trainer accredited by the Botswana Qualifications Authority.

Jackie Goodyear

Jackie facilitates our team. She backstops the projects and provides logistical support which ranges from booking flights to dealing with accounts and accountants. She is the lynchpin of the team, and when we are all busy travelling and working on different assignments, Jackie is the one that holds us all together.