Human approach at a distance

We are expert pedagogists but we are also people who get bored quickly in front of the umpteenth video conference. That’s why we experiment daily with new  ways to transfer the learning dynamics happening in the physical training room to the virtual one, in order to keep you engaged.
You’ll need to find another time to do online shopping, sorry.


Engaging learning experiences on screen

Explore creative methods to keep learners engaged.
Whether you are small or large groups of participants, from different cultural and professional backgrounds, working in the private and public sector, or UN staff members: come as you are, we will make sure you will enjoy learning.


Learner-centred approach

Shape your proposal according to the needs of clients and learners.
We continuously adjust our interventions, even during the training itself, until you are satisfied.
We combine theory and practice to engage all types of learners and leave room for informal learning among participants. Developing the “classroom spirit” is one of the key elements in making you comfortable: we know when to step aside for your benefit.


Collaborative interactive tools

Integrate different media in your e-learning products to make learning stick.
With Articulate Storyline and RISE 360, we design self-paced immersive learning experiences structured around the learner’s needs.
With Mural, we provide a digital workspace to enable visual collaboration among participants.
Afraid these tools will make e-learning more complicated? Don’t worry, we provide participants with guidelines on how to use them.

Finding your voice and your look

Develop products with a personality.
Our trained storytellers and experienced writers will find the right tone of voice for your materials and audience.
Thanks to our inhouse designer, we are able to create a cohesive visual identity for each course, designing custom graphics, illustrations and editing photographs.

Learning you can measure

Make sure your learning offer is impactful.
We identify clear, observable and measurable learning objectives and use them as a guide in the design of the learning activities.


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