Pedagogic Design

Great content deserves great tools

Training manuals, facilitator’s guides, slide decks, online learning, case studies, bite-sizes, e-courses: we design and edit the right pedagogic tool for each of your projects.

Pedagogy is the approach to teaching and the theory and practice of learning. Our team of trained and experienced pedagogists works closely with you to develop tools right for each course and academic discipline.

Participants are not ‘empty vessels’ waiting to be filled with knowledge


Each person brings their own experience and voice to their learning, so we design materials they can relate to and transact with.
We can help you by:
1. Transforming technical resources, documents and publications and reworking them into learning and training materials.

2. Developing learning objectives and designing self-directed or group learning activities.

3. Bringing dynamism to learning activities and events. This can be in face-to-face settings or in a remote delivery mode through multi-media to ensure engaging learning activities.

4. Reviewing existing courses, developing trainers’ manuals and training of trainers’ workshops.

Sit back, we’ll take care of it.

We work on:

  • Bitesizes
  • Case studies
  • Face to face to online transition
  • Participants guide
  • Pedagogic edits of technical material
  • Training manuals

Pedagogic Design: the elegance of a genuine and empathetic concept.”

The Development Alchemists

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